Online Concordance

The Church of God (7th Day) online concordance allows you to search the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. There are several search variations that you can perform.
  • You can display a complete book of the Bible by selecting a book and leaving the chapter selection as "0"(zero).
  • You can display a specific chapter of a book by selecting a book and then selecting a chapter.
  • You can complete a keyword(s) or phrase search on:
    • The Bible, by leaving the the Book selection as "All Books" and the Chapter selection as "0" (zero)
    • A specific Book, by selecting a book from the list
    • A specific Book and Chapter, by selecting a book and then a chapter from the list
NOTE: If two keywords are specified then only verses containing both keywords are returned. You may also enter a phrase as a keyword to be searched on. For example, entering "so loved" into the Keyword 1 field will return all verses that contain the word "so" followed immediately by the word "loved". One additional note on searching: partial word matches are also returned. For example, searching on "love" will return matches for verses with the word "love" as well as verses with the words "loved", "loveth", "beloved", etc. because they contain the letters l-o-v-e.

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